Visit to the IADB of the Brazilian Army Staff Command School (ECEME)

General Brigadier General Marcio de Souza Nunes Ribeiro, Director of the Brazilian Staff Command School, 49 Army Colonels, 4 Air Force Colonels and 2 Naval Riflemen of the Navy from the Politics, Strategy and Superior Administration Course of the Army, as well as 4 officers of the Brazilian Army from the International Course of Strategic Studies, accompanied by the Brazilian Military Attaché in the USA, Brigadier General Ulisses Mesquita Gomes, visited the Casa del Soldado on October 8, 2021, where they were received by the Director-General of the IADB Secretariat, Brigadier General Porfirio Fuentes Vélez and by the Vice President of the Council of Delegates, Brigadier General Piloto Huáscal Darío González Payano.

This visit allowed the students to obtain the current hemispheric defense panorama and learn about the common agenda of the countries participating in the IADB, as well as the importance of the work carried out by the Inter-American Defense Board and the challenges assumed to achieve the vision of this organism.