Visit of the Masters of the Escuela Superior de Guerra de Colombia (ESDEG).

On May 31, Vice-Admiral Alexandre Rabello de Faria, President of the Council of Delegates and General Porfirio Fuentes Vélez, Director-General of the Secretariat of the Inter-American Board  (IADB), received at the “Casa del Soldado”, the members of the Masters in “Strategy and Geopolitics”, “Security and National Defense”, as well as “Cyber Security and Cyber Defense”; The academic delegation was led by Major General Luis Mauricio Ospina Gutiérrez, Director of the ESDEG, who was accompanied by Colonel (active reserve) Eduardo Moreno and teachers, students and some graduates of the institution of higher military education in Colombia.

The visit was given as a complement to the international geostrategic practice developed by the School, with which they seek to understand the requirements of institutional projection and strengthening of international organizations as the substantive function of education, security and peace of nations.

The IADB gave a presentation framing the articulation of the countries in the Inter-American system, the strategies for contributing to the strengthening of cyber security, the knowledge and application of the programs being developed by the board for the benefit of its member countries and the confidence-building measures and hemispheric security, among others; all this to help strengthen the theoretical knowledge acquired in the classroom by the students.

This type of activity is carried out within the framework of the commemoration of the 80 years of work of the Inter-American Defense Board and contributes to strengthening the response capacity and services provided by the institutions of the continent.