The IADB Staff Induction Course

On November 18, 2021, with the presence of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Council of Delegates, the Director-General of the Secretariat, and the Director of the Inter-American Defense College, the Induction Course began for the staff working in the Secretariat and the Chair of the IADB Council of Delegates, the purpose of which is to train them in areas of interest that will help them to perform their duties in general and thereby contribute to the fulfillment of the Board’s purpose; This course is based on the IADB Secretariat Regulations and thus complies with the recommendations of the Ethics Committee.

It will conclude on December 1 and will be recurrent each time new members join the IADB. In addition, there are procedures in place to prevent and deal with workplace harassment, which include institutional policies for resolving complaints, and work environment surveys are being conducted to take actions that contribute to the IADB’s professional and institutional development.