The IADB recognizes, values and appreciates the work and contribution made by the women of the Hemisphere

On March 8th, we commemorate the date that represents the sacrifices, legacy and importance of the women in the transformation of the hemisphere through work and equity that has allowed their empowerment.

The Military Forces of the continent value the contributions, changes and evolution that the incorporation and participation of women have brought to our institutions as a fundamental axis of the transformation of society and the hemisphere.

In a significant ceremony, held at the “Casa del Soldado” presided over by Vice Admiral Alexandre Rabello de Faria, Chairman of the Council of Delegates, and Major General Porfirio Fuentes Vélez, Director-General of the IADB Secretariat, the sacrifice, it was paid tribute to the contribution and legacy that allow us today to have female representatives in all positions and hierarchical ranks. These promotions and positioning have not only been due to the defense of gender equality but also to the capacity, training, leadership and achievements attained throughout the military career and in society, qualities that increase the efficiency, efficacy and transparency of the military work.