Successful completion of MECODEX 2022

On February 11, civil and military authorities from the OAS and from the countries participating in the MECODEX exercise visited the “Casa del Soldado” and witnessed the final phase of the exercise; which allowed for the planning, execution, synchronization and evaluation of the individual and collective response capacities of the nations that make up the hemisphere, for international response in the event of a disaster.

Thanks to the active participation of 16 countries, the simulation was a success; the exercise ratified the importance and efficiency of the Mechanism for Cooperation in Disasters (MECODE), an initiative of the Conference of Defense Ministers of the Americas (CDMA), to improve the international response to an event of this magnitude.

MECODEX demonstrated the IADB’s capacity to facilitate hemispheric participation, strengthening interactions and links between existing cooperation systems and nations of the hemisphere, to make international humanitarian assistance more efficient in response to disasters.