Participation of the Mexican Ambassador to the OAS in the IADB Ordinary Meeting

On February 22, the Ambassador of Mexico to the OAS and first Vice-President of the Committee on Hemispheric Security of the same organization, Luz Elena Baños Rivas, participated in the Ordinary Meeting before the plenary session of the Council of Delegates to give a presentation entitled “Perspective of Mexico in the role it plays in the Inter-American System”. In the end, she answered questions from the Delegates, and the Director-General of the IADB Secretariat, Major General Porfirio Fuentes Vélez, thanked her for her time.

The ambassador was also received by Vice Admiral Alexandre Rabello de Faria, Chairman of the Council of Delegates, and Major General James Taylor, Director of the Inter-American Defense College. She ended her visit to the “Casa del Soldado” by signing the IADB’s Distinguished Visitors Book.