Meeting of the Inter-American Committee for Disaster Reduction

On August 16, the Inter-American Defense Board participated in the meeting of the Inter-American Committee for Disaster Reduction (CIRDN) convened by the OAS, due to the earthquake that occurred in Haiti on August 14, 2021.

The IADB Leadership expressed its condolences and solidarity with the Haitian people, on behalf of all the delegates representing the countries of the hemisphere, for the terrible situation that sister nation is experiencing, due to the large-scale earthquake that occurred on Saturday 14 August of the current year.

Likewise, it was expressed before the Secretary General of the OAS, other members of the Committee and the ambassadors of the member and observer countries, that the Board is ready to collaborate with technical advice and made the Protocols for the Mitigation of Covid 19 available at a scenario of humanitarian aid, available on this website.