MECODEX 2022 exercise

On January 21 and 28 and February 1, 2022, at the Casa del Soldado, the General Orientations meeting of the Virtual Training Exercise will be held on the ICONS Simulation Platform, prior to the Execution (10 and 11 of February 2022) of the MECODEX 2022 Exercise. This exercise is conceived to validate the Mechanism for Cooperation in Disasters (MECODE) and provide training to the Inter-American Defense Board, as well as to the Points of Contact of the participating countries of the Conference of Ministers of Defense of the Americas, through the assignment of people in operational positions, to conduct disaster events in a simulation environment.

Both the control and the support of the exercise, as well as the training participants, will be exercised by IADB Officials, representatives of the delegations and by the Points of Contact of the countries of the Conference of Defense Ministers of the Americas.