Implementation of the 1st Virtual JID Workshop on Maritime Security.

On June 14 and 15, the IADB’s 1st Virtual Workshop on Maritime Security was held, with more than 750 registrants from various countries in the Americas and around the world.

The Workshop was divided into four panels:

South Atlantic, with participation of Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and a presentation on ZOPACAS.

South Pacific, with the participation of Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

Caribbean and North Atlantic/Pacific, with the participation of Mexico, the United States, Trinidad and Tobago and the CARICOM-IMPACS Agency.

International Experiences, with participation from the European Union, the Africa Institute for Security Studies, and the International Maritime Organization.

Each country presented two main problems affecting Maritime Security in their jurisdictional waters, good practices implemented, suggestions and possibilities for cooperation.

The purpose of the Workshop is, from the information shared by the countries, to develop a Maritime Security Program at the IADB to improve cooperation and communication among the navies of the continent, contribute to the promotion of multilateral interests, strengthen the development of the countries’ capacities in the maritime field, and promote the implementation of a Cooperation Framework for Maritime Security in the Americas.

The workshop presentations are available at the following YouTube address: