Concept Development Conference (CDC) of the International Cooperation in Disaster and Humanitarian Assistance Exercise MECODEX 2023.

The Inter-American Defense Board (IADB) held the Concept Development Conference (CDC) of the international cooperation in disaster and humanitarian assistance exercise MECODEX 2023 at the “Casa del Soldado” in Washington DC from June 28-30. 

 The second edition of the MECODEX exercise, to be held in May 2023, will include tactical level coordination based on a simulated international response to a given disaster scenario. The simulated international response will be based on the protocols, processes and sub processes of MECODE (Mechanism for Cooperation in Disasters). MECODE was conceived by the Conference of Ministers of Defense of the Americas (CMDA) and validated by the Inter-American Defense Board in MECODEX 2022, held in February 2022. 

 Representatives of the armed forces of Ecuador and Brazil and the Conference of American Armies, as well as advisors from the IADB, worked to establish the academic requirements and the design of the scenario, define the command and control architecture of the simulation, establish the post-action analysis methodology, and propose a schedule for planning and execution of activities.