80th Anniversary of the Inter-American Defense Board

As part of the 80th Anniversary of the Inter-American Defense Board, on March 30, the Ordinary Meeting of the Council of Delegates was held in the Hall of the Americas of the Organization of American States.

The meeting was attended by OAS authorities (Permanent Council, General Secretariat and Committee on Hemispheric Security), Ambassadors of the Member States, Permanent Representatives, Secretaries of Defense and Commanders of the armed forces of the hemisphere, Delegates to the IADB and of the Observer Countries and the Inter-American Defense College, both in person and remotely.

During the event, Major General Frank Bradfield, Delegate of the United States of America, read a letter from General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States of America, in which he congratulated the IADB for providing the OAS with valuable advice on matters related to military and defense issues in the Western Hemisphere and thanked each of the delegations for their contributions to regional security over the past 80 years, indicating that only by defending common values can regional peace be maintained. The event was highlighted by the commemorative speeches, virtually, of the following authorities:

1. The Minister of State of Mines and Energy of Brazil, Admiral Bento Alburqueque, highlighted the history and contributions of the IADB in the prevention of divergences in the hemisphere through the strengthening of multilateral organizations, exemplifying the OAS as the governing body of the Board, highlighting the tasks, expertise and transfer of knowledge that this organization carries out in security and defense issues for the benefit of the Hemisphere. Likewise, he praises the legacy of past and present members for their contributions to continue advancing in its construction

2. The Minister of Defense of Brazil and current Chairman of the Conference of Defense Ministers of the Americas, Mr. Walter Souza Braga Netto, celebrates the anniversary of the IADB with the certainty that peace and stability in the Americas promote an environment of prosperity and security that leads to fraternal coexistence and mutual trust in all the countries that are part of this success story.

3. The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mrs. Michelle Bachelet, mentioned that current geopolitical events have shown us that to relegate the issue of defense to the background is to unnecessarily allow the democratic institutions and values of our societies to be threatened, so the IADB should be saluted for its undeniable resilience, and its importance in the inter-American system should be recognized.

4. The President of Colombia, Mr. Iván Duque Márquez, mentioned that thanks to the IADB today we have a safer continent, the result of cooperation and multilateralism, which is undoubtedly the path we must follow and deepen in the coming years; a path that has security as a democratic value: hemispheric security as a priority.

The following personalities delivered their speeches in person:

1. The Secretary General of the OAS, Mr. Luis Almagro.

2. The Chairman of the Committee on Hemispheric Security, Mr. Anthony Phillips Spencer.

3. The Chairman of the IADB Council of Delegates, Vice-Admiral Alexander Rabello de Faria.

Finally, Lt. Commander Alexa Pereyra, a member of the IADB Secretariat, praised the role of women in this institution.

This ceremony is the main activity that the IADB carries out to commemorate “80 years of the Spirit of Hemispheric Cooperation and Solidarity”.