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Confidence and Security-Building Measures (CSBMs) are those actions of international importance and scope promoted by States, aimed at preventing crises and conflict situations, strengthening international peace and security, promoting development and creating and promoting the necessary conditions for effective cooperation in the hemisphere.

In the Americas, the history of a formal CSBM system begins in 1991 during the XXI OAS General Assembly held in Chile, where the “Santiago Commitment to Democracy and the Renewal of the Inter-American System” was adopted.

Currently, the CSBMs applied by OAS member states are informed through an electronic spreadsheet system, which allows countries to disclose, on the organization’s website, the applied measures that contribute to the strengthening of confidence and security in the western hemisphere.

This training workshop aims to strengthen the system for the dissemination of these measures, as well as to allow authorized representatives from the various member countries to correctly access the system and upload the information corresponding to each country.


  1. The Evolution of CSBMs in the Western Hemisphere and considerations on the current OAS Consolidated CSBM List.
  2. The CSBM Electronic Spreadsheet System.
  3. Debates.

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  • September, 24th, 2020, from 09AM to 12PM – Washington, D.C.