Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

The Inter-American Defense College (IADC), the academic arm of the Inter-American Defense Board (IADB) will hold a seminar in “Human Rights and Humanitarian Law” on December 17-20, 2019, at the IADC Academic Auditorium located at Fort Lesley J. McNair – Washington – DC.

This event is part of the IADC’s academic program and has great importance to reaffirm the ties of cooperation in vital and transcendental issues for the States, as at that opportunity important information regarding the Human Rights and Humanitarian Law will be shared.

This activity will be attended by speakers from various countries, experts representing organizations related to the topic, IADC “Class 59” students, as well as representatives of the delegations of the IADB member countries.

The main subjects to be addressed will be as follows:


Subjects Speakers
Key Challenges Related to HR and IHL in the Americas: A Strategic View. Dr. Robert Goldman, American University.
Evolution of Human Rights in Practice. Mr. Mark L. Schneider (Center for Strategic and International Studies – CSIS).
Panel #1:

Operationalizing HR and IHL in the Americas: Critical Reflections and Comparative Cases Analysis/Enabling the End Game.

Dr. Jorge C. Szeinfeld (La Plata University).

Dr. William H. Godnick (National Defense University – NDU).

Panel #2:

Refugee and Migration Flows in the Americas: Human Rights and Humanitarian Perspectives.

Mr. Miguel Gonzalez

(International Committee of the Red Cross – ICRC).

Ms. Melanie Nezer (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society – HIAS).

Panel #3:

Role of the Armed Forces and “Mano Dura” in Public Security: Human Rights and Humanitarian Perspectives.

Mr. Adam Isacson (Washington Office on Latin America – WOLA).

BG Luis A. Junqueira (Ecuador Army Commander).

Panel #4:

Critical Reflections on Transitional Justice.


Dr. Carlos Japiassú (Rio de Janeiro State University).

Ambassador Steven Rapp (Former USA Ambassador at Large for War Crimes).

Panel #5:

Non Traditional Security Threats and Human Rights.

Dr. Vanda Felbab Brown (The Brookings Institution).

Dr. Mario López-Garelli (Inter-American Commission on Human Rights – IACHR).