Farewell ceremony of the Director General of the IADB Secretariat

On June 18, 2019, the farewell ceremony of the Director General of the IADB Secretariat, BGen Stephen Lacroix (Canada) was held.

In that moment, the leadership of the Inter-American Defense Board awarded him the IADB Medal due to the relevant services rendered to the Secretariat. The medal represents a clear expression of appreciation by the Council of Delegates, the Inter-American Defense College and the IADB Secretariat, as well as recognition of his outstanding leadership, excellent service and invaluable contribution to the Inter-American Defense System.

In addition, he was given the Order of Military Merit Jose Maria Cordova Grand Officer by the government of Colombia, which was presented by their Head of Delegation, MGen Jorge Enrique Maldonado Escobar for his excellent tenure as Director General, and his great spirit of approach, friendship and collaboration with the Colombian Military Forces.

General Lacroix expressed his gratitude for the awards and recognitions and for continued collaboration and support from all member States of the Inter-American Defense Board, collaborators and strategic partners during his tenure. He’s confident that the great work performed by all personnel both at the IADB and from the delegations will continue with the new leadership, and he made himself available as IADB Ambassador as he has assumed Command of the 3rd Canadian Division of the Canadian Army.