Conference “Search and rescue in cases of natural disasters”

To know and to share lessons learned in civic-military search and rescue actions that have been executed in disaster situations as well as recommendations so that countries in the Hemisphere can enhance their own capabilities in this regard.

Brief description of the activity:

Different types of disasters are constantly occurring in the countries of the Hemisphere due to the combination of different anthropogenic and natural factors and reasons, such as hurricanes, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, fires, among others. Such situation affect lives of people and their goods, reason why there is an urgent need to execute search and rescue actions to help people directly affected and caught in the middle of dangerous circumstances at the very moment disasters occur and at critical moments afterwards.

These actions have to be carried out by personnel with appropriate training and equipment, otherwise, rescuers may end up becoming victims of the disaster or it may be the case that the affected country receives groups of rescuers in different amount and specialty of those required. Other than a desired help, such situation can turn into a problem to agencies responsible for coordination in specific places and situations.

Therefore, this conference aims to know and share the experiences learned in the development of search and rescue actions in cases of disasters by specialized organizations that have participated in some countries of the hemisphere to react adequately to this need, so that can adopt best practices and capacity building in OAS Member Countries.

On this occasion, the conference can be followed through the website of this Board ( In this way, the possibility of spreading the knowledge and experiences to be shared during this event is extended to anyone interested in this important and fundamental issue of preserving life in the face of natural disaster scenarios, a situation that is currently a common and constant threat to all countries of the hemisphere and of the world.

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February 27, 2019. From 08:30am. – 02:00pm.

“Casa del Soldado” – Headquarters of the IADB.
2600 NW 16TH Street, Washington, D.C. 20441

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