Conference “Cyber defense in the Americas: The importance of cyberspace as a battlefield of the 21st century”

The Organization of American States (OAS) entrusted to IADB the task of executing a Cyber defense conference, with the aim of proposing recommendations to the OAS Member States about security in information management through cyberspace and computer media protection.

That is why, on November 28, 2018, the first conference on Cybersecurity in the Hemisphere entitled “Cyber defense in the Americas: The importance of Cyberspace as a Battlefield of the XXI Century” was performed. Its purpose was to present a general panorama of the importance in the application of various security measures in the administration of information in the face of cyber-attack risks.

The IADB informed Member Countries and other international organizations about work developed by cybersecurity experts during their professional life, providing data, procedures and lessons learned to guarantee the security of States and Society in general.

The event was attended by several influential people such as: Heads of OAS and IADB Member Countries Delegations, representatives of International Organizations like the Inter-American Defense College and high-prestige international companies specialized in communications with specialists in the subject, amongst others. In addition, the conference was broadcast live to the entire American continent, as well as to other countries in the world.

The meeting also counted with moderators of high prestige such as: Mr. Brian S. Quigley and Juan Manuel Solis Hernández, Mexican Army Lieutenant Colonel. Members of the Inter-American Committee against Terrorism (CICTE) of the OAS were also present. Likewise, other prominent speakers included Dr. Kimberly McClain from the United States Cyber Command; Mr. Felix Uribe, Assistant Associate Professor in the Cybersecurity Policy and Management Program of the University of Maryland University College; Captain Enrique Arnáez Braschi, Commander of Cyber Defense – Peruvian Navy; Canadian Army Lieutenant Colonel Brennan Cornell, specialist in Cyber defense; Mr. Justin Lynch, Associate Editor of Fifth Domain and João Marinonio Enke Carneiro, PhD and Colonel in the Brazilian Army.

As a result of the conference, it can be pointed out that some countries of the Hemisphere have made progress on this issue (only 10 countries on the continent have a Cybernetic Strategy), and it is clear that collaboration is essential to implement such measures, either internally in each country, at the Armed Forces level or in Government and private initiative also. However, there is a need to go beyond borders carrying out Inter-State actions with the support of the Inter-American Defense Board and the Organization of American States in the field of cybernetics. And, finally establish the bases to settle Strategic Alliances, courses of action and ways to combat threats in order to protect the interests of the hemispheric countries.


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Article of interest from one of the conference prominent speakers, Mr. Justin Lynch, Associate Editor of Fifth Domain: